At Locusview, we help energy utilities build a safer world and prepare for the challenges of building smarter energy infrastructures. Our a digital construction platform for paperless design and as-builting creates gas and electric asset’s digital twin in real-time, bridging the gap between design and the system of record. Implementing disruptive technologies is strongly embedded in our DNA and requires a deep understanding of complex processes and a do whatever it takes commitment to our customer’s success. In the past years, we have orchestrated large-scale implementations with over 20 of the leading energy utilities in the U.S., helping them digitize the construction of capital projects from end to end. Together with our clients, we are productizing industry best practices allowing all of our users to leverage the successes and lessons learned from our growing network of users. We truly believe that change starts from the end-user, this is why we have decoupled the user experience from the underlying technology. This is also what gives us our innovative edge and why we stay ahead of the game bringing new ideas to the table, with bold thinking that re-imagines construction operations.

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